Information on the start of studies in the winter term 2020/21

Welcome to the Institute of Computer Science at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. At the beginning of your studies, you usually have many questions and do not know exactly what student life will look like in the upcoming months. For a successful start you will find some of the most important information on this page:

General information:

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching will continue to take a different form than usual in the winter term  2020/21. In particular, most of the courses will not be held as face-to-face lectures at the university, but will take place completely or partially in digital form.

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If you have any questions about the structure or content of your study please use the following contact form:

Kontaktformular Studienbüro/-fachberatung

Introductory Course

The introductory course for first-year students cannot take place in the usual form this time either, but will be replaced by digital formats. First of all, you will find a series of short videos (in German) under the following link, which deal with typical questions about the structure of the program and the first semester.

In addition, there will be an online introductory event on 27 October 2020, where you can get in touch with some of the lecturers.

Important dates in the winter term

You will start your studies in the winter term 2020/21. Each semester consists mainly of the lecture period, during which you will attend lectures and accompanying exercises as well as seminars. The lecture period is followed by a three-week examination period during which the examinations or oral exams take place. But there is also a lot to do in the period after the examination period until the beginning of the following semester. During this time, for example, practical courses and seminar preparations take place.

  • Start of the lecture period: 2 November 2020
  • End of the lecture period: 13 February 2021
  • Examination period: 15 Februrary to 5 March 2021