Winter Term 2020

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Modellierung mit partiellen Differentialgleichungen

Dr. Annette Miltenberger; Dr. Philipp Reutter; Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Spichtinger

Shortname: 08.079.791
Course No.: 08.079.791


In this lecture an overview of modeling with partial differential equations is given. Based on many examples from the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), important approaches to modeling are presented, including the analysis of the underlying equations. In addition to the theory and examples, numerical methods for solving the differential equations are also presented.

Specifically, the following contents are covered:

- Classification of linear partial differential equations
- modeling of simple problems (wave equation, heat conduction equation, Laplace equation)
- Analytical solution methods (method of characteristics, separation of variables, similarity approaches)
- Nonlinear problems (flows, reaction-diffusion equations)
- Numerical methods for the solution of partial differential equations (finite differences, finite elements, spectral methods)

Digitale Lehre

The lecture will be held digitally, with recordings of the lecture posted online (asynchronous event). The exercise will be held in a synchronous digital form, where questions about the lecture as well as the exercise problems will be discussed.

Requirements / organisational issues


- Lectures Mathematics for Physicists or equivalent prior knowledge
- Modeling with ordinary differential equations helpful but not mandatory


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Semester: SoSe 2021